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Tuttomondo by Keith Haring

Keith Haring’s style grew out of New York city’s street culture and made him one of the most popular American artists. The main themes of Haring’s work were love and unity, and his trademark symbol was the “radioactive Baby”. One day a friend invited Keith to Pisa, Italy. He made a decision to draw a mural on the North wall of the Church of St. Anthony.

In Italian “Tuttomondo” has a meaning of “the whole world”. The mural represents a future, where the main ideals are peace and unity. The drawing shows 30 dynamic figures; they are connected and intertwined, representing peace and harmony. The graffiti is recognized as one of the biggest frescos ever made in European countries, its area is 180 square meters (10 m high and 18 m wide). “Tuttomondo” is the final social piece of art made by Keith Haring in 1989, a year later the artist died.

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