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Native People Mural in Rio de Janeiro

Graffiti “Native people” is the example of the biggest street art made by one person. This artist’s name is Eduardo Cobra. Before the start of the Olympic games in Rio, the Brazilian artist decided to set his own record and draw amazing street art.

The record is that Eduardo single-handedly drew the entire drawing. This giant graffiti itself is 15 meters high. It shows portraits, the number of which corresponds to the number of Olympic rings. The area of the canvas was about 3000 square meters. Eduardo had to spend a huge amount of effort to create his drawing.

Before creating the piece of art, he first had to prepare the surface of the wall, making it plain. Soon after that, Eduardo Kobra began to draw. In total, about 3,500 cans of paint were spent, where almost 400 liters of white paint was used for preparing the wall and about 1,500 liters of color paint.

Eduardo spent at least 12 hours every day. After 2 months, the graffiti was ready. Eduardo Cobra called his street art “Native people”.

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