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«Elephant Playing with World Balloon»

Berlin is often called as the capital of street art, because it is everywhere: in Bohemian neighborhoods, art galleries, abandoned houses and facades of high-rise buildings in the East of the city. The most famous of them are located in three districts of Berlin: Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg and Schoeneberg, and they can be easily viewed in a day.

«Elephant Playing with World Balloon» is one of the brightest and most cheerful murals in Berlin. It shows an elephant playing with the Earth Planet in the form of an inflatable ball in a realistic manner. Its author is the Berlin — based French-Colombian artist Jadore Tong, aka S. Y. R. U. S, equally known as a muralist, designer and Illustrator. Most of his works do not have a pronounced social subtext, they are distinguished by bright colors, detail and a high level of realism.

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